Playwriting as an archive of performance

SECOND FLOOR Play by Lital Dotan

Performance art is usually perceived as contradictory to theater, real vs artificial, but when attempting to tell the story of how she was brutally attacked during a live performance while none of the audience interfered- artist Lital Dotan chose to enter the theater stage.

‘Second Floor’ is an immersive theater performance about performance art. It tells the story of A, a radical performance artist (“A is art and the rest is not”), who sculpts her life to be a living archive of performance art. To conclude an intense residency period in San-Francisco she plans a groundbreaking final performance, set to reconfigure the relation between performer and audience through a planned violent intervention. 

But the invited collaborator takes his role too far, with a monstrous durational attack on A, while the audience are watching and debating whether or not they should interfere. The performance is declared a huge success while the worlds of everyone involved shatters. Written as a tragic comedy with immersive aspects, the work, which is based on Dotan’s true story, raises serious questions about audience and artist responsibility.

The following images are from a staged reading held June 2016

SECOND FLOOR by Lital Dotan

Director: Jessi D Hill

Cast: A- Tatyana Kot; Ralph- Gili Getz; Rich- Derek Long; Gas - Adam Newborn; Hoi- Brian Cedric Jones; Journ/Absent/HOB-Milton Elliott; Audience 1 - Mahima Saigal; Audience 2-Zac Guttman; Audience 3-Michael Malanga; Audience 4-Brinda Dixit; Audience 5-Jody Prusan; Audience 6-Eric Harper; Audience 7-Maria Mogavero

Program Artistic Director: Ronit MuszkaTblit

Sound design: Sean Hagerty

Production Manager: Kryssy Wright

Video Documentation: Sagie Baron

Installation: Lital Dotan

Photography: Eyal Perry